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I don’t even have a website yet!

WordPress has quickly become the industry standard for web development of small to medium sized websites and has grown from a blogging platform to a fully featured CMS or Content Management System. Today’s savoy consumer asks for WordPress by name


I Want To Drive More Traffic

This Might Shock You… You Do Not Have A Traffic Problem! Nobody does. You might have an offer problem.  You might have a measurement problem… … you DON’T have a traffic problem. Google, Facebook, Twitter (just to name the obvious)


I Want To Boost Conversions

Tested, Actionable Conversion Advice You Can Put to Work Right Away Ok, he’s is not a writer. Kirk is a professional digital marketer with businesses in dozens of niches. You’re too smart to think that Google rankings and Facebook Likes are enough. You’re looking



  Kirk has the ability to get into your head and get the job done so that it suits your needs as to your business. He knows what’s going on out there in the real word and seems to keep

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Truly Knowledgable

Kirk is one of most talented programmers I have ever met. His broad knowledge of programming languages combined with is ability to learn a new one in just a few hours, gives Kirk the ability to solve virtually any problem or challenge he faces.

Simon Shaw Software Architect

A huge benefit to my brand

I am a blogger, tweeter, author and speaker. I needed a website which incorporated all aspects of social media and that had good content. He came up with the concept for the site and it was exactly what I needed. In addition, he had the site completed in a timely manner so that we could discuss it and see if I wanted to make any changes. I would definitely use Kirk's services again

Denise Wozniak Inspirational Speaker Resilience

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