September’s Top 10 Most Watched Ads On Youtube

The new EA Games FIFA 16 soccer video game took the top spot with google’s introduction to their new logo taking second, As the September—ranking the month’s most-watched ads was released on the google Ad Leaderboard website.

With the big phone giants taking 3 of the top 10 spots, it’s clear the war is in full swing as they each attempt to convince us to buy their phone’s. Honda did a fantastic animated piece titled “paper” that was fun to watch.

Note from google: To be eligible for Google’s YouTube Ads Leaderboard, videos must be marked as ads on YouTube (i.e., they get some paid views) but must also earn significant organic views. The algorithm factors in paid views, organic views and audience retention (how much of a video people watched).


#1. FIFA 16 – Play Beautiful – Official TV Commercial

Creative Agency:
Wieden + Kennedy

Media Agency:
EA Media Team

#2. Google, evolved

Creative Agency:
Google Creative Lab

#3 H&M Close the Loop – Sustainable fashion through recycled clothes

Creative Agency:
Forsman & Bodenfors

Media Agency:
Zenith Optimedia

#4 It’s Not a Phone, It’s a Galaxy: Wireless Charging

Creative Agency:
Media Agency:
Starcom MediaVest

#5 iPhone 6s – The Only Thing That’s Changed Is…

Creative Agency:
TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Media Agency:

#6 Honda “Paper”

Creative Agency:
Media Agency:

#7 Door knocking is so last century. See how we got rid of them.

Brand: Energy Online NZ

#8 BB-8 App-Enabled Droid || Built by Sphero

Media Agency:
Zog Digital

#9 Burn Trials- Out of the Maze and onto the Playa

Creative Agency:

#10 iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus – Reveal

Creative Agency:
TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Media Agency:

6 Hints To Boost Your Retargeting Strategy Conversion Rate

While there will never be a replacement for a solid organic optimization strategy, there are many things you can do to help assist in your efforts including paid search results or “PPC campaigns”. Your objective is really to improve your customer experience and provide useful information as  quick and efficient as possible. By customizing your campaigns based on customer browsing history, you can re-target user for another ad that perhaps fits their current needs in your sales cycle better.

According to Criteo:

“re-targeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a sale than non re-targeted customer.”

One step in managing your online identity is to tackle the arduous task of ad retargeting.  Here are my 6 tips to control advertising spend and save money.

#1 – Educate Yourself On How Ad Re-targeting Works

An amazing ability of today’s digital marketing tools includes the use of cookies to allow us to re-target individuals as they surf the internet. Now we can fine tune our offers to more closely match what our target consumers are actually looking for based on their past history. When done correctly you appear less like an advertiser and more like a provider of a solution, which is what your after.  As users move from website to website, your ads can appear on a website or page the viewer is looking at regardless of the content.

#2 – Don’t Over Expose Yourself

So let’s not get creepy now. If you re-target to much you run the risk of over exposure and the customer may notice you are following them around. This is defiantly not helpful, so ensure you always cap the amount of times you expose a single client to your ads in a particular time frame.  Over exposing your ads looks desperate, and will decrease your ad performance and waste money.

#3 – Divide Your Audience Into Groups – Audience Segmentation

Those familiar with the concept of a marketing funnel will no doubt be looking to advertise in different ways depending on where the prospective client is located. By dividing them into groups according to what pages the have been too in the past, we can customize actions to more closely fit their current need.  Don’t forget, your conversion rate depends on providing the best possible customer experience and this is one way of truly creating a more positive impression.

#4 – Decide How Long Your Ad Should Run

Making a decision on how long to run a campaign is completely different for each case and scenario. While some may advise that the length of your typical sales cycle is what your after,  the only accurate way is through testing. Try campaigns of different lengths and see which works best for you.

#5 – Tighten Up Your Ad Creative


Also a cause of over expose is using very similar ads across all mediums. Try creating a more varied advertisements with different messages as well as revamp existing ads on occasion. You will always want a consistent message across all your marketing efforts but try to mix it up a bit and keep things fresh.

#6 – Familiarize Yourself With Ad Sizes

There are a number of various ad sizes available, and not all will be relevant to your campaign. Check with Google for the latest image ad specs so you can decide how to size your re-targeting ads based on their locations.

While there is never a guarantee of success, these 6 tips should help you decide how to create a re-targeting campaign for yourself.  If your not happy with your current conversion rate, perhaps looking into a re-targeting strategy may be a way of improving your results.


3 things that will instantly improve your conversion rate

Why does incoming traffic almost convert?

You have a sweet landing page set up and you’re getting great click-throughs to the precious “Sign Up” page.

After the effort of clicking not only once but twice to get to the Sign Up area, why would the potential lead end up hitting “Back” 3 times and disappear into internet abyss instead of filling in the contact form?

Let’s have a look at a few common practices that are doomed to fail and discover how we can create conversions instead of bounces.

Bait and switch is so 70’s

Everyone has heard this one: you see an ad for a tv and it’s only an amazing 10 bucks! You let out an “omg!”, grab the car keys and head down to get one because it’s only going to last for TWO DAYS!

When you arrive, you find out that you and 200 other people have missed out on that single tv for $10 but “luckily” the store is full of regular priced tvs and extra staff to handle all your questions.

Thankfully, this practice of the 60’s has since been outlawed in its extreme form. However, So powerful are the memories of the bait and switch salesman, that if your ad page is even mildly deceptive, your landing page will result in disappointing failure.

Being Authentic Is Everything

I suppose it has been said a million times but it can’t be overlooked – your product or service must be original. Remember the four c’s – Creative Content Captures Conversions. If your site is just like 10 other sites that demonstrate little variety, how will people know to choose it over the competition.

The latest craze we are seeing as a design company is new startups that want to create the next Facebook site. The problem with that is, Facebook has been done already. The one thing that helps Facebook’s mass appeal is its originality. Breaking the audience up into niche segments greatly reduces the chances of success, primarily due to the smaller audience.

Creating a niche based social media platform may seem like a good idea, but without a clear plan to monetize the traffic in some way, you’re just copying a market leader for the sake of copying previous creativity. The money will not follow. If you build it, they most definitely will not come.

I like to use Facebook as a brilliant example of how an original idea can be monetized. If you recall, there is a scene in the movie “The Social Network”, focusing on a conversation where Zuckerberg remarks about the success of a website he built for fun one evening. The website he built allowed people to rate pictures of local girls and displayed the results for the world to see. The thing that made the site a hit wasn’t the fact people could see pictures of attractive women, no that was everywhere. It was that they could see pictures of girls they knew. And that they could have a small effect or influence over that person’s life – in this case, an involuntary beauty contest he created without asking for consent from any of the contestants.

And there lies the special ingredient that makes Facebook what it is. The ability to have influence, however small, over other people’s lives. By voting on whether you “like” it/him/her, Zuck created his greatest achievement: the “like” button, and all the different ways to give that button influence and power. The rest is an afterthought.

You and I and everyone else are searching for our own “like” button ideas. We need something that sets us apart from the others, ultimately creating an entirely new space without any competition.

Too many options to choose from.

I don’t know how the myth started that people prefer choice when making a purchase. The truth is when searching on the internet, the client is ready to purchase at a much later stage in the buying cycle than ever before.

What this means is that people typically have already made up their mind about what they will buy long before they seek out the place to make the actual purchase, and it’s up to you to provide the easiest method for them to do that.

Informing them about why they should choose you is done much earlier in the buying cycle by providing useful information on your main website or blog. Your landing pages should be focused on one thing, converting. Providing links to 100 different things is just confusing. Give a clear trustworthy call to action and keep it as simple as possible. Developing a page with only one goal will allow them to complete their task.

Things we can improve upon

The main point is that negative emotions from a person’s background play a strong influence on how they decide to buy. Trust is the most important thing your site must convey.

Things like contact information, address and phone number. Make your company look friendly and you must clearly show that it is backed by real people. Add content that you know will have value, real value to your potential leads.

Be upfront about any fees or pricing. Transparency, accountability all add to your credibility. Have clear links to your privacy and return policies.

Practice patience and persistence. Regularly adjusting and analyzing your conversions will help you focus on the choke points in your conversion chain. Monitor everything – and act upon the results – having stats is one thing but making them meaningful is another entirely. Try to change only one or two items at a time, then gauge the results before making more changes.

Thanks very much for reading and as always, if you have any comments please feel free to leave them below.

7 Crucial Rules For Good Headlines

Ever wonder how professional blogs and advertisements all have that enticing “feel” to them? They seem to draw people in with the promise of revealing new information – we feel a compulsion to click ‘Read More’.
It all begins with the the focus of our article – The Headline.

Here are 7 tips for writing attention-grabbing headlines. While being some of the easiest techniques, they are also some of the most powerful when used correctly. A continuation of our series about getting more people to read your blog, These should ignite ideas or at least provide you with a stepping stone to start writing your own killer titles.

1. Don’t beat around the bush.

You can lose an audience right away unless you get straight to the point and keep it simple. Avoid losing readers with the temptation to wow your audience with witty catch phrases or clever wordplay and it’s particularly important with products or services that users are already familiar with, like marketing or computers.

  • Reconditioned Laptop Computers … 25% Off!
  • The Easiest Online Accounting Software Ever!
  • FREE Online Subscription To Our Web Blog!

2. What’s in it for the reader?

Always start with the major benefit to the reader. You only have a few words to play with – value them and treat them as precious. Don’t waste words bragging about your company or trying to be humorous. Target your headline for the perfect consumer or reader you want, and clearly state the benefit upfront.

A headline also has the added perk of introducing yourself to those who had no intention of reading your blog. Give your users credit, they take in a lot of information as they browse forums and other blogs.
Even if they don’t click your link to read more, you’ve still left an impression about what your company does and who you are.

  • Finally! How To Use Facebook To Sell! Sell! Sell!
  • How We Got 500 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours!
  • Get a FREE year of Website Hosting with a Custom Web Design and Logo Package!

3. Be a source of self-help.

Most people are looking for empowerment. “How To” headlines are a great way to focus on self-help while getting some work done.
The trick is to try and keep it short and potentially rewarding for readers. It’s about highlighting the benefit rather than the process.

Look at this example:

  • How to build your brand with social media

Suppose instead it read:

  • How to establish your brand with steady repetition over time in only 3 hours a day!.

This clearly misses the point. It’s clumsy and it makes the idea look difficult and unrewarding. People want results, so get to the benefit you’re offering immediately after the opening “How to ..”

  • How to improve your SEO results … or your money back.
  • How You Can Make Money Talk About The Things You Love!
  • How to design a website from scratch in 1 day!

4. Be a useful resource.

You might be surprised to know that most people aren’t looking for information – people are actually looking for control and predictability over their lives. Your headline should promise to deliver just that. Everyone wants a short cut or a cheat code and your headline should display this benefit. These headlines promise to do just that.

  • 8 Really Easy Techniques to Get More People to Read Your Blog
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization: What is Good Content?
  • How to Use Social Media … Successfully

5. Ask the right questions.

A good way to engage your reader is to ask a question you know they will answer “Yes” or at least “Maybe, tell me more”. It must clearly state a reward if they continue reading. Avoid being too random or clever, focus on stating the direct benefit.

  • Need A Better Way To Measure Inbound Marketing Results?
  • AdWords Account Banned? We Can Help!
  • How do I know which content management system to choose?

6. Tell them what to expect.

Good sales copy will focus in on what we want our readers to achieve.
People are conditioned to read short bullet point headlines and direct authoritative claims are accepted – whereas in real conversation they wouldn’t be.

  • Become a Twitter Guru in 10 days.
  • Get Your Website Found! SEO techniques that work!
  • Learn how the experts market their website.

7. Authenticate your proposition with a little something extra.

Years of exposure to traditional advertising has created many skeptics. And who can blame them? People have been bombarded daily with false promises and exaggerated claims. By adding a little bit of flare to your headline that people can instantly relate too, you increase your chance of a click through.

Examine the following headlines and note how the words “Canadian man,” “Bidding War,” and “Savvy web entrepreneur” stand out. Their definitive and uncommon language adds truthfulness that traditional copy misses.

  • Canadian man has locals flocking to social media seminars.
  • Innovative tech company finds niche in big market – venture capitalists in a bidding war.
  • Savvy web entrepreneur develops sure fire method to attract new leads!

These are a few of the many ways to write successful headlines. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit and take your time deciding on your headline. Try writing a list of your top 10 ideas and then choose the one that best fits your article. Hopefully this helps in your quest to become a better blogger. Feel free to drop a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.